Do I Really Like Cuddling?

So I joined this group because I remember all the warm memories of cuddling with my ex. How she would sit on my lap and wrap her arms around me. Or how warm her skin felt as we lied in bed. Then the bed part hit me
Do I really like cuddling that much? I think back to when my ex was drifting to the current man in her life. She stopped having sex with me. At first I did not notice. However, as time went on and I did not get to have sex with her, the cuddling was less enjoyable. That could have been because she told me I was not allowed to wear pants if she wasn't, but still... even cuddling on the couch during anime watching was kind of annoying because I had to pay attention to where my hands landed. There were also times when she would force a barrier between us. So I would be cuddling with her and she would cuddle back... Only she would keep her distance. That was kind of annoying.
So I am left to wonder, do I really like to cuddle when sex is not involved? I want to believe the answer is yes. However, after thinking about it I am not so sure. I mean it is nice to cuddle, and also sexually frustrating.
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Oh boy spam, >.> obviously since I said in my post that I do not know if I like no.-sexual cuddles.

a great place for people who like to have a non sexual cuddle