Never Close Enough

IF my skin is not touching yours, there is too much space between us. 
I want to be wrapped up into legs. 
I don't care if you're watching a movie and what movie you're watching. 
I just want to sit there quietly and be with you, holding you, touching you, planting kisses all over you.
Feeling your warm body pressed against mine. My head rested on your back as I close my eyes soaking in the scent of you
and taking a mental picture of how wonderful this very moment is. 
Remembering how soft your hair feels as I run my fingers through each strand.  How your five o'clock shadow bristles my skin but love it nevertheless. 
Hmmm...and following that treasure trail of yours with my fingers and salivating at the thought of where it's going to lead me. 
I spend so much time missing you. 
When we're together, I want to spend every possible second I can cuddling and snuggling with you. 
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Oh God that's lovely - if only it were true for me.