Cuddling Is A Favorite Of Mine.

cuddling. mmmm, there is something there that is intimate though it may not be. I think there is nothing more loving than a good long hug. I think it brings people closer than anything. Just to be gathered up into someone's arms and feel the safety that they have to offer seems to me to be one of the greatest feelings on earth. I like kissing and everything else, but nothing says love and acceptance like cuddling and hugs. I think when you hug someone it is a gesture that you accept them deeply and forgive the hurt between the two of you. Cuddling is also the first thing that you do to a baby when they are born. I dont think that there is a person on this green earth that doesn't melt a little when being cuddled...
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

i was always described as being a really cute little baby, when i was young, and i always remember having people around me cuddling me and so on, but its been years now, since i had cuddles, and i miss them so, but i agree with you, cuddles are great!!! (((((cuddles)))))) hehe