A Csw's Story-----part 2.

Roshan -----------------
Roshan met me several times after that incident. She loved me and admired my cool nature. I ******* her several times and she had a bad habit of talking continuously while I made love to her. The main topic of her contention was her son who was becoming wayward lately. And she held responsible her good for nothing hubby for this. Actually he was not her husband but an old man she had kept to look after her son when she went on business at night.
By some stroke of destiny, I shifted to Pune. I hired a room in camp slum and used to set up shop on Band Garden road. But my daily two visits to a bootlegger had not stopped. My business had looked up and I was making fairly good amount of money. One day while walking to my joint, I heard a familiar voice. It was Roshan calling me by name, I could not believe. Roshan came running to me, she explained to me, she had also shifted to Pune and she was doing good. She had hired a room in a Pimpari slum. It was happy reunion which we celebrated by going to our joint. Then she took me to her room and first time, I had sumptuous meal prepared by my beloved. That night I stayed at Pimpari and we enjoyed full night. Next morning I took her leave promising to come to her whenever possible. I set up my shop as usual and did brisk business the whole day.
Whole day Roshan’s thoughts were rolling in my mind inadvertantantly. While returning to my joint, I saw a small gathering of people near river side. The police had fished out a body of a woman and the people around were clucking their tongues that such a young woman had committed suicide. I craned my neck just to see who was the unfortunate. Imagine my shock when I found Roshan’s lifeless body lying there. I was dumbfounded n confused. I had no daring to recognize her. Police were asking people around if anybody knew the woman but my feet were numb.
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not happy with the ending !<br />
hmmm..may i protest here ??/ HEHE.wink.

there ends the story. it is modern short story baby.

then ??/ then what happen..its uninished !

then ??/ then what happen..its uninished !

unfinished i mean.