Human Touch...

It continues to amaze me how powerful a simple touch can be. Feeling a handshake is one thing, and feeling a pat on the back or shoulder is another, but feeling someone's hand in mine, or a tender touch given unsolicited... has such a calming reassuring effect on me. I trust others understand and agree.
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14 Responses Oct 13, 2011

I once heard on a television show that newborn babies need the human touch of their parents in order to thrive. They also said that some babies that dont get touched by anyone can cause thier death. That is just terribly sad to even think of a mother not showing her child what human touch and love feels like. Touch is a human need, and no matter who we are we deserve to be touched. I absolutely love to cuddle with my lover after making love . I cant just make love and just get right up and do my thing for the day. I need that closeness.

I totally agree. If i go for a long period of time without a sensual touch, I feel lifeless, unimportant, and unloved. Sometimes a sensual, loving tough is enough to get me through the hard times.

I do agree. I also enjoy and find myself amazed at the power of human touch with regards to pain. A simple rub across a painful area can provide relief! <br />
I also agree that the power of human touch can make you feel many emotions; security, love, peace, joy, excitement, anticipation, content, beautiful, wanted. Just to name a few :) <br />
Thank you for sharing, it made me think, I like that!<br />
Have a great day!

the fingers brushing over each other, sliding together, the feeling of security, comfort, tenderness, joined...brings a smile

I do agree and understand exactly what you are saying.

Agreed!<br />
<br />
I love holding hands with my sweetheart.<br />
Sometimes we hold hands, as we fall asleep.<br />
I am so blessed!<br />

i totally agree!

I'm not a touch person but when the one I love grabs my hand or touches my face you're right it makes me melt and brings me to a beautiful place.

I am a great believer in touching other humans and even dogs, feel is powerful.

Absolutely!<br />
When my Mum, at 90, was blind, and memory unable to sustain any conversation,, touch remained. Every action, cleaning her, feeding, brushing hair, kissing good mornings, cuddles and strokes became her last remaining contact with love, and with the world.

you are so right on with your comment - i am a person that needs human contact - i've always been this way - hugs from family - holding hands - cuddling - snuggling i'm all for that - and i believe that there is a healing power in touch -

I love the most needed one when no words have to be said and it genuinely comes from the other person when you least expect it

Recently I had a very loving hug from someone I cared about but had not seen in a period of time. How everything else just melted away. The power behind such an embrace when there are feelings involved. It is a lovely, comforting feeling. A feeling I had forgotten about but deep down I had yearned for :)

So true, to feel the one you love touch you, hold you, there is no better feeling in the world than that...