I lay by your side and slide my hand down your arm.

You accept the request and gesture me towards you, pulling my hand around your side as you roll away, holding it to the center of your chest. I feel your heart beating under my fingers as my hand holds yours. I bury my face in your hair as I nuzzle into the back side of your neck, aligning my hips with yours.

Our legs over lap as our feet rub against each other. Our bodies now so close you can feel my chest against your back.

My eyes close. My other senses enhance. I can hear you breathing slowly and feel your side rise and fall under my arm. I take a deep breath and the wonderful scent of your hair fills my lungs.

The last movements; a little shifting as we settle into each others embrace. I kiss your shoulder and whisper "I love you."

We drift off to sleep.
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4 Responses Nov 25, 2011

so lovely

Thank you. Intimacy is so precious. Especially when it has been missing from your life for a longer than you'd like to admit.

I try not to think about it but that longing is always there. Just the warmth of someone to hold... it's one of life's sweetest gifts.

Your very welcome rban; I have had the same experiences a few memorable times in my life and treasure them. Looking forward to finding that closeness again soon. Yes keep writing about all your experiences, hold nothing back. <br />
<br />
Moondancelady~ not so much wrong, just finding those of us out there who do appreciate that. and I understand that can be difficult at times.

Well moondancelady there are many of us men who do love to cuddle, snuggle, canoodle and get lost in a woman. I don't need to be asked, for it is one of life's greatest pleasures, and bond building between a couple. any man who doesn't is just not wired right to me. This is a very well written post. Bravo. Nice job rban. Here, here for us guys who "get it"!

Thank you Enjoythebeach. It sometimes feels like I'm going out on a limb when I write what I feel but EP is about experiences and reality. This is my reality and I have had this experience.

It is nice to be wrong sometimes:)

It always surprises me that a man can write that way. Men usally grumble women ask for too much, no sweet talk, that isn't a man's way(unless they want something)! Lucky lady.

Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. I think you would actually be surprised at how many men thoroughly enjoy being with their woman. I never hide the fact that I love physical contact. I crave it and can't live without it. :)