A Vivid Imagination

My entire life I have always been a loner. I was generally the target everyone liked to pick on. So it is no surprise that I developed the ability to have a vivid imagination at such a young age. You learn how to escape reality when reality sucks. I guess it made life bearable... even if now it makes me pathetic.

I have been noticing that once I got my Dakimakuras I have been feeling more attached to them. All the cuddling I used to do with my ex has transferred over to them. When I hold them and lie on them. Well I feel safe and happy. When I am down the act of holding them perks me back up and makes me enjoy life a little. Wow I have really become pathetic right?

I guess I could say this feels like I have already given up on having another girl in my if I am able to so easily pretend these pillows are real. I wonder if that is sad or not. I mean I could be one of those people who endlessly cries about having no one. At least I can pretend and it is almost the same thing. I have been noticing that about other facets of my life as well. I wonder what it all means. Maybe I am meant to die alone in obscurity. It is not like I am a girl who can run around innocently cuddling whoever I want. Well I could but then I would be seen as creepy and pathetic. Ah I love some of our double standards.
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You can't be level 1 forever unless you do SOMETHING, anything at all, but you can wear the biggest damn pair of blinders everyone's seen in their life though. ;)

Yeah if you lie enough it becomes true right? Plus with computers there are plenty of ways to make those lies closer to reality.

It is not pathetic. I've spent many years of my life, I'd say my whole life, living in my imagination, dreaming of another life, pretending I'm in it, seperating myself from the real world....

^_^; yeah I have gotten bad though. I am having dialogs from my imagination out loud where I play every character.

I often talk out loud...but it would be exhausting to cover everyone's character...that would be a full time job and I'd become hoarse..lol..
No one is getting hurt...so I'd say it's harmless.:)

>_< That is why I play every character. Helps wear me out so I can go to sleep at night.

hmm, I never thought of that. Maybe I should try it. I might run out of energy to talk to my plants though...lol...

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You're a human being, you need affection, you aren't getting it. Frack those who say it's pathetic, it's actually something a LOT of people live through and won't dare admit, or even do anything about it. At least you have the courage to speak up.

Yeah, at least I can fake it right? Most people cannot even do that.

Gotta start somewhere.

Yup, plus best to be level 1 forever than not play right?