Cuddling In The Cinema

I went with one of my good friends to the cinema, we are close but not that close, (we don't talk to each other everyday) we was in the cinema and I felt like cuddling her. She didn't pull away. The thing is that I have a girlfriend and she knows I have a girlfriend too. Did I do something bad? It feels like it. I know my girl friend will not be happy if she found out. We didn't make out.
shan0505 shan0505
22-25, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

If you are feeling guilty ask yourself why you feel that way. You cuddled with this friend of yours, how did it feel? Maybe you have feelings for her and are just now realizing it. <br />
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Everyone needs personal contact, some times we just want someone to hold us. I don't think you did anything wrong,but if you are truly upset over it, maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship.<br />
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Hope this helps, I wish you lots of cuddling! =O)