I Love To Cuddle

I haven't written much & my grammer is not good. Please excuse that. The first time I remembered how nice a cuddle is was growing up & getting cuddled by virtually everybody. But the first time it made me 'excited' I guess I was about seven. I don't remember the date or the place exactly but I do recall I neighbour hugging me after I had pass ed my exams to go to college. I remember her softness as she hugged me, it was as if I was in heaven. I know I hugged her close to me feeling how warm & soft her body was. I was so hard when that happened. I could smell her perfume. I never wanted to let go of her. After that as I grew up I simply loved to hold a woman close to me. I can't really explain the feelings that would overwhelm me in the lovliest way. After that first cuddle I progressed to kissing softly, open lipped, then to feeling a woman, feeling her breasts & heaven of heaven, feeling the softness, the dampness, the wonderful taste of my fingers after feeling her. But I guess that comes under a different heading here. I would be grateful of any help in relating my stories of loving that greatest of all gods creations, a woman.
steveisgame steveisgame
22-25, M
May 12, 2012