Does It Count If Its With My Self?

I absolutely love the feeling of curling up with someone, even though i really don't have anyone to cuddle with and i'm not really sure a stuffed animal counts. Last Friday was  the absolute best time of my life for a couple of reasons. first i'm the type of person who will try anything once, with that being said it was the first time ive tried any type of drug ever ( triple C's) i know its not the most morally correct thing to do but i wanted to try it. so while under the effects of the drug, me and a group of my friends where sitting in a field spazzing out. (about 3 out of 6 of us where on them) I was so gone i just stayed on the floor looking up at the sky blacking and coming to. At one point i opened my eyes and i seen my friend directly in front of me staring at me sleep.So I held out my arms as best i could and waited for her to come close. Now i really wasn't expecting her to come close to me let alone snuggle into my arms but she did. i have had a crush on this girl for just about two and a half years since I first met her so this is kind of a big deal for someone as shy as me. but we stayed like that for hours, it was amazing her sent so close, the feeling of her soft touch. just the thought of it makes my heart skip beats. and with the effects of the drug all of my senses where amplified so just her touch alone put my in heaven. I'm not really that into drugs so i doubt ill do them again but I'm dying to feel her close to me again. I hope that doesn't sound too strange. 
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1 Response May 28, 2012

What's strange about wanting to cuddle with the girl you like? NOTHING! :D<br />
Also, yes, stuffed animals count, and so do cats (I have a cat :D)