Im A Cuddle Zebra!!=)

Its hilarious. Once my sister and I slept in our parents room. I objected the idea. She made me. But the next day we were talking about snoring. I of course dont thank goodness. But she said she would scoot away from me and I would scoot closer to her. =)Hahaha I denied it but the next night I found myself in a fetal position next to her. So I now proudly admit im a cuddler. Haha. I like cuddling. Its comfty=)
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4 Responses May 30, 2012

that was a cute story. awwwww I like cuddling too :) HUUUGGGGSSS :D

i love cuddling too

i love the way your able to feel your cudley breathe, heart beats, the little muscle movements as they shift.

Lol that's cute! Just be careful not to squish her ^_-