Only Miss Her More.

The one time I have been with me girl in the almost three months we have been together we spent the whole time either holding hands or cuddling. I absolutally loved it. I felt so comfortable in her arms. I constantly pretend that I'm holding her hand or her arms are wrapped around my waist. I dream of having her next to me and playing with her hair. I loved being there so much. I would do anything just to have her near me. Even if it's only for five minutes. At least she'll be there. Close enough to touch. Close enough to hold. I only wish she could see those five minutes as time with me and not just a tease.
Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
5 Responses Apr 13, 2007

Why not try to cuddle with a boy whom you trust would not be lusty to get wild as he may demand more than cuddle...make you feel more wanted.

Know exactly what u mean dude feel the same about my special lady but sadly we r no longer togeather :'( hence im heartbroken

beautifully said, hugs to you.

I am so lucky that I have my children. When I start missing my husband's embrace, I hold them tight. They are after all my source of neverending love and a reminder of the love I once shared with my husband. He is gone now. Didn't share the enthusiasm I have about our marriage and family. Found another woman who's embrace he is more comfortable with. But I am the richer. Because I have my children who offer the warmest, most honest, most awesome, most tender, most brilliant hugs, cuddles and kisses.

I know how you feel. I always imagine my lovers embrace around me when I'm alone. I feel delight in the thought, but then I realize he isnt there. A little hole seems to form.