Luv The Cuddles!

Oh yeah, I've got a black belt in cuddling.
PamCakes4u PamCakes4u
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It IS wonderful.

You may be a black belt in cuddling. But I am grand master. Big strong and comfy. Cuddles for hours even in sleep. Bring it on!!!!!! lol.

I like that if thats the case then I'm a grand master in cuddling lol. Once took me 7yrs with a girl for her and I to lose our virginitys together. 27yrs to lose my virginity!

Haha. I can believe that, you look very cuddlesome !!

Fyi, I have a black belt in sofa wrestling.

Lol me them skills gurl ;)

Georgia girls are the best..

ohh yeah? well, i'm a 8th dan cuddle master!<br />
<br />
tons of points if you get that.

ya i love to cuddle. love the intimacy of it.

So you must be real good I hear that black belts just aren't given to anybody. I was told you need to be in the top 98% to get a black belt. Wish I live near GA so I could see what cuddling with someone that has accomplished such a grueling task.