Bad Weather Cuddles

Best time
to cuddle in is when it
is Autumn
and/or Winter...
raining, bolowing, snowing...
cool/cold outside
all snugnsmug
wrapped in the covers
protected from
allll that
is found
we are "inhere"
lets just stay..
joyinthejourney, clg

clgsassy clgsassy 56-60, F 9 Responses Aug 19, 2012

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Love to cuddle

=) tooo,
as in also...

You are so right.

So true! There is nothing more cozy and comfortable then staying in bed on a bad weather day or wrapped up beneath a blanket on the couch. Giggles lead to whispers, stroking, kissing, groping, sucking, mounting, grinding, thrusting, arching, panting, moaning, throbbing, clenching, *******, sighing, kissing, holding, smiling, sleeping. Being wrapped up in the arms of your lover is a sweet way to spend a lazy day. :)

an artiste...
with words....
you are
joyinthejourney, clg

Cuddling is awesome in any season for any reason, but you are right, in fall/winter it takes on an extra warm dimension :)


Best time to cuddle late at night. Laying on the couch watching a romantic movie. WInter time when its cold under a blanket.


Add the warm glow of a woodstove, or fireplace, a hot cup of Joe.....mmmmm

Yes it sounds wonderful

All after the house is clean. Lol

NOT...hey this is my fantasy...

Sounds wonderful.

U must have that fantasy

LOL..gag him! Cleaning the house ruins the cuddle.

No I get house cleaned early. Then cuddle time.

lol ... if you wait till the house is clean it will never happen.
Trust me, I have first hand experience.

the freekin house always
neeeds somethin...
it'll wait..
not goin anywhere...
be there tomorrow
and the nextdayandthenext...
I'd much rather cuddle...
joyinthejourney, clg

I agree..housework never goes away. There are much better ways to spend that time eith someone:)

CLG ... I like your attitude :)
Everyone should ask themselves ... when the one you love is gone, will you spend more time regretting cuddling with that person instead of cleaning the house, or cleaning the house instead of cuddling with that person.

EXCELLENT point...
I already learned that the hard way....
my lilboys are both adults now...
and guess what ISN"T one of their favorite
you guessed it

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Add cuddled up in front of a fireplace.

that sounds lovely also