I am a very cuddly person. I love getting hugged and giving people hugs because it makes me feel all nice and warm. I only cuddle people when I get comfortable with that person so I will not go up to a random person or someone I do not know very well and give them a cuddle.
sacraficeparadise sacraficeparadise
18-21, F
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-cuddles with ya- :D

*big huggs* :D

Yay! I got a hug! :D

i got one too! :D

-gives ya a huge huggle- :D

*spins you around* :D

Wheeeeee! :D

hehehe :D

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You sound like a very warm, caring, and loving person. There arent too many people like you in the world.

thanks martymcfly1274, i am.......... sometimes.

Nothing wrong with that I use to be a warm caring person until I was hurt really bad by relationships.

Wish you were close by

:( awww