call me stupid but sometimes a cuddle can say alot more than sex, that moment when your low and your friend or partner siddals over to you and raps there arms around you and gives you a cuddle WOW, you instantly feel good and get that fuzzy feeling, lets all cuddle
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4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I think cuddling is electric. sex is great, but there is something about just being still and connecting with someone on an intimate level.

Hubby LOVES to cuddle.... I personally am hot and cold about it.... sometimes I prefer to be untouched..

Oh my friend, I so totally agree with you, I also love to cuddle, it is such a wonderful and fulfilling feeling!!!! And I am with you, at times a cuddle is much more important and enjoyable that sex!!!!! I also think that we all should cuddle MORE!!!!! :)

Nothing crazy about that. There's nothing i like more than curling up under a blanket realllllly close with my special somebody and watching a movie, or just enjoying our warmth.