Our Blissful Cuddle

Our couch is our big cuddle couch,I love the feeling after a hard day of being able to simply let all the troubles disappear by a big snuggle.

That first sigh which is released when our bodies touch from head to toe,
The nuzzling into each others necks,
The tight arms wrapped around each other, never to let go.
Our breathing slows and deepens like we are breathing as one,
No words need to be uttered, It's simply bliss.
LLeo2211 LLeo2211
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

i know exactly what you mean. i long all day for the time when i can cuddle into my Daddy's arms and lay my head on his chest. it's like every bit of stress just melts out of my body. i can literally feel it leaving.