Cuddling With My First Real True Love

Im in the national guard so i do monthly drills but i had a gf that lived near the armory where my unit was for the weekend. So at about 5 we got released and we have the choice to stay at the armory or go home and sleep or something of the sort but we have to return the next morning so i thought ill see if i can stay with my gf for thos nights but she works till 10 so i just sat around in the parking lot of a pizza ranch for four hours waiting till she got off work i would wait years for her if i could just b with her again but i digress so i followed her home we went down to her room and watched tv for mabe 20 minutes before she picked out a movie and i some how stay awake during the movie ( i was wayyyy tired)
after the movie we both agree that it was time for bed so we turn out the light and snuggle up close and go to bed it took me a wile for me to fall asleep we did that for the next two days and it was amazing i would do anything for her and i still would i would take a bullet for her i wouldent think twice i would do anything to make her happy

thats all people ttyl
dethklok575 dethklok575
18-21, M
Sep 17, 2012