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The Downside Of Being Me...

In some of my most loving and intimate relationships I was in, I always seemed to pick the girl that didn't like to cuddle. For me, cuddling is almost essential. I love watching a good movie, or just sitting and sharing each other's company with a good cuddle. The thing I love the most is that before we'd each go to sleep, we'd cuddle, and fall asleep in each other's arms. Sadly, with the past two serious girlfriends I've had, neither liked to do this. Perhaps I will find a woman that would love to cuddle up next to me one day. Perhaps not. Either way, I will remain a cuddle loving dope for the rest of my days.
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Yes, cuddling is a must. I can't imagine not liking to. !!

...WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOESN'T LIKE TO CUDDLE?... That's the equivalent of hating puppies and rainbows. Good luck. :)

Hey, don't give up. I am sure there are countless women who love to cuddle and one is just waiting for you to find her. :) Keep on looking. Best of luck! :)

And stay that way some women out there like to be cuddle from a women that knows what she's talking about.

It seems like the most extroverted women I've known, are the least affectionate.. You might need to go find the quiet chick, lol