That Small Thing That Brightens My Heart.

i recall a day a long time ago when i had a very difficult day at work to which i only had one person in the world i needed to talk to. texting my boyfriend to say i was coming to see him making sure he wasn't busy he reply with a see you in a bit. as i knocked on his door he opened it to see tears running down my face. although i didn't want him to see me cry i couldn't stop the tears from fallin no matter how much i tryed to smile.

my boyfriend took my hand and lead me to his kitchen table to were i had seen masses of his university home work spread all over the table i felt worse for having bothered him figguring out that i had interupted him from something important even if he hadn't said that he was busy or not. Telling me to sit at his bench styled kitchen table he asked if i had eetten at all that day all i received was a disapointed look as he walked into the kitchen leaving me alone sniffling. not very long he had come back with a hot chocolate and some instant noodles and sat beside me.

he then did something that i didn't expect what so ever. he pulled me onto his lap holding me very close and nuzzeled me very close. we stayed like that for hours with him still doing his homework, stopping to nuzzel and kiss my neck ever once in a while. he would also get a fork full of noodles and feed me with them to make sure i ate just a little. after a while i felt like i baby though so i started to do it myself so that he would stop. (i lernt though or relationship that it was his way to make sure i would eat if i was upset.) but as i sat there in his arms i felt calm and almost forgot about the whole thing. after he was done all he wanted/ needed to do that night he took me to bed and cuddled with me more as he told me to tell him what all was wrong. we stayed in eachothers arms that whole night it was amazing and i'll never forget it.
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very sweet story