I absolutely love to cuddle. I love the feelings to be so close to the person you love. Cuddling is as a metaphor of that how much you love her being next to you right now. Cuddling equals you saying "I love you with all my heart; I love you being next to me; I love you for all you are and all you give me; I love the way you make me feel; I love you and I will never let you go; I love you and I want to feel you forever in my arms; I love you and I want you to be next to me all the time; I love you and I need you; I love you and I love the warmness that I feel being with you; I just love you, be with me; I love you and I will always love you;I love you and you are all I need; I love you" All that represented by a single cuddle..
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I am so amazed that you love and appreciate cuddles because that is exactly how I feel & I thought I'm a emotional person. The sad thing is my hubby is not that romantic and he doesn't like to be cuddle.

Hi, Would be good to go see his work one day soon, Tell him how good it looks or great he handled that job or service. You will find that just might turn the table over.... Came across a hubby that was the daddy at home. but his wifey on entring the house after her work would crit him for sitting down and doing little in the house, but He had washed the cloths, fed the children and read them stories, ironed the clothes cooked the meals of the day and there seemed like there was no gratitude for his labours even though you couldn't see what he had done. Hey you know what it is like to keep a home together and look after the kids....

Aww :)

great thought about cuddling. cool.

Love it!!

Why so serious about cuddling joker :P i assume thats from halloween

This is nice. Romantic I have to say :)


yes! ep wouldn't let the 'n' spell out. sorry

cheers to you to ~ :D