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I Love To Be Affectionate...

Can anyone explain to me possible reasons why my family think hugging and me cuddling with my boyfriends is taboo!!! I can't see it at all!!!!!

I go to hug my mom and she stops me and asks if I am suffering from insecurity issues?
I hug my dad but he never hugs me back!
My sister... well you can't even sit next to her without acting all weird.

Is it sooo wrong to love the feeling of a hug or feeling a heart beat? I love to cuddle when I sleep it just feels so right. My boyfriend is okay with it but he sometimes makes jokes to my family about how I love to cuddle at night and they yell at me for being clingy!!!!

Can anyone help me please!!
stargurllynx stargurllynx 18-21, F 2 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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Don't stop doing it keep giving let everyone know about it and just give and if they give you strange looks or remarks tell them you love them.

It sounds that you think in a different manner from your parents (I know how that goes as I am accustomed to thinking on a wavelength different than my parents). I just hope your boyfriend enjoys the cuddles you share with him...b/c if I were that boyfriend, I believe I'd cherish every minute of it as I'd love to have a snuggle bunny.<br />
<br />
In response to your question "Is it sooo wrong to love the feeling of a hug or feeling a heart beat?" No, not at all. My day was brightened by a duo of hugs I shared during an encounter with my friend Morgan on the afternoon of February 28. Fast forward to April 29 and numerous warm hugs eased the pain of bidding farewell to a University campus ministry. Then on September 14, seeing several friends at an ordination and the hugs that meant brightened up my night.