Cuddle; Hug; Hold; Love .... Whatever You Call's All Good Baybeee!!

Morning georgous peeps :) xx

I'm a very tactile person... sometimes people get the wrong idea about me because of it....but mostly I'm seen as affectionate rather than a big ole tart-bag! Lol!!
To me, touching somebody is the most effective way of letting them know that they are accepted and cared about without using words. It doesn't take much, y'know, just a gentle touch on the wrist while you're talking, or a quick hug when you say hello and goodbye.  It's nice.
I realise that some people find that too much of an invasion of privacy, that I'm getting into 'their space'...... but you know what?  
Too bad!
I will til my dying day cuddle anybody and everybody I want to... so long as they don't fight me off too energetically ;)

Loves to you!
:)  xxx
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5 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Only a warm and a loving can touch

i'm quite a touching person myself,but only with people i'm really close to.i met some one about a month ago & i'm trying to let her know how i feel about her with saying it aloud...usually with kisses & touches

She'll see from the look in your eyes, the kisses and touches will confirm it for her and I don't think you'll need to say a word :)
Wishing you happiness :)

thank you

Made my day. Now I need a hug in the very worst way

lol!! Thank you :) now, how could you hug somebody in a bad way? Impossible!

Oh, but a hug given freely with gusto and passion . . . I'd be so much the better

:) Big squeezy hug to you :)

many thanks it means so much you so kind caring amazing

i love hugs and cuddles but never had anyone to hug and cuddle

That's so sad :( I'm sorry. Sending you a hug