But I Love Yoooouuuuu!!

Getting straight to the point I was giving my 1 year old nephew Shai big hug then all of a sudden Shai started kicking me. Then he told me to
"go away" kicked me harder and then tried to walked away but after I said
"Shai you don't kick me!" he replies with some dead pan 'no'.But the real icing on the cake is when I said "but I love you" He carried on walking and said
"That's sick" Just then I felt so depressed like I was rejected by a baby!

I't didn't stop there though but I can't be bothered to write the rest ;3
Francella4 Francella4
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I want to be cuddled :(

*gives a big hug* yeah I know it's not the same right? ;3

treat him like you treat Joshua! Lila is v. wise...good advice!

Lol once he tried to slap me when I put him to bed then I came down like thunder...Now every time I say "night night" Him and his brother put their dummies in their mouths and lay down! Their mom was laughing her head off!! XD