On The Couch Is My Favorite

I love the way that it feels to have someone snuggled up next to me. I don't care if I am holding them or if they are holding me. I sleep better when I feel someone snuggled up against me.
I love the way it feels to have someones head on my shoulder. I also like to listen to my lovers heartbeat. I don't know why, I just like the sound of it.
My favorite thing to do is to snuggle up on the couch. I don't care if we are watching TV or just talking. The thing that matters is that the person I care about is in my arms letting me play with their hair or just caressing them softly (not sexually, just lovingly).
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4 Responses Dec 23, 2012

My youngest daughter never had a blanket that she just had to sleep with. She got attached my wife's and my arm as her snuggly. So she is still snuggled up to one of us each night. At this point though she is 6 and it is time for her to get in her own bed so my wife and I can snuggle in the bed again.

That is sounds cute, probably not so much for you too any more. Thank you for sharing.

Call me stupid insane or what ever. I love having a woman lay next to me and rub her warm body next to mine. it bring me to a whole new level of romance that i have never been before. The best part about it is, we never have sex. Just hugging and carassing. Then I have had sex with a woman and never had an orgasam. That is the best feeling ever.

I love it when my love finds reasons just to hold me in his arms, it's an amazing feeling and his soft touches, not sexual but caring, it's the best.

I know that he likes it too. I love holding her and just touching her softly. It's an awesome warm, loved feeling.

that is an awesome feeling just being close to someone you care about.

It absolutely is. I love that warm, fuzzy feeling.