I Love To Cuddle But....

Why is it when a guy wants to cuddle the female always think it will lead to sex. I personally love the idea of cuddling and even when I get turned on I like that feeling to. But who says you have to act on that I also like that feeling. Why can't a guy just cuddle.
spiderisking66 spiderisking66
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Want a different point of view on this? Let me lay it out for you.
Girls are taught from the first time they think a guy is cute... to stay away from him. We females are conditioned to believe that all male behavior will eventually route back to their desire to sexually satisfy themselves. And work with me here... men have a constant drive, even subconciously, to procreate. That's nature, and thats okay.
So, for a man to say he just wants to "cuddle" is a statement woman immediately throw into the bullshit pile of things they have heard. We were just taught for years that the opposite sex could not and were not capable of being close to someone without other intentions. SO, that is why to a woman, a guy cannot just cuddle.

BUT, there is such a thing as a believer. And where that sounds corny, it is true. There are women out there who took the chance and defied their parental guidance to discover that sometimes men just enjoy being close to someone they care about. We know that you are happy to hold us the way we are happy to be held. And I know that men like to be close to a woman they care for.

And in the end, those two people are fully capable of letting the situation escalate or leaving it be. It just takes some woman some time to realize that they have the choice and can take a chance. And that's that. :-)

So Spider where do you live.. Cuddling is nice and some people are okay with things stopping there. Maybe you need to fine that person. But always remember it takes two people to have a relationship so if our partner wants more than a cuddle you need to think about her desires or you will be joining the group I live in a sexless relationship.

I like to cuddle after sex... does that count?