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The problem is finding someone to cuddle with!
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It is at times difficult finding just the right someone to cuddle with. I know I wish I had someone to cuddle with me at times.

I use to cuddle with my old boyfriend but he left me for some reasons...I haven't cuddled in two years and I miss it. So I curl up with my teddy bear.

My boyfriend died June 30th. So I've been cuddling with my pillows..

I'm so boyfriend didn't die he turned gay....with my best friend.

Thank you, and sorry to hear about yours turning gay with your best friend...

its okay :) funny thing is i'm still best friends with both of them!

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Well, even when you HAVE someone to cuddle with it doesn't always mean you get to lay on the couch and watch a movie together again six months into it.....

Sigh* True True. I miss laying with someone on the couch and just watching a movie. Booooo!

I've found someone to cuddle with finally!! And the best part? Thats honestly my boyfriend's favorite thing to do! :)

I love to cuddle. My problem I am usually only cuddling my pillow. I would love to have someone to cuddle with.

i love the cuddle wit you

In the future, we will always have someone waiting for us. I just hope its not in the next life!

I'm cuddleless at the moment. I love all physical ex<x>pressions of affection, and I don't seperate them from ex<x>pressions of passion, or desire. I love the whole package of physical contact with that special person of course. But I don't have that now. Still I try to remain optimistic...

I lost my Girl who I used to cuddle with . I have got immunity because of her . so i can't cuddle with anyone else and that is my problem .<br />
so the problem is finding someone to cuddle with . (:(

I sleep with normal pillow but not body pillow. I would love to some one's body pillow.

Hello, my friends!<br />

Lol.... Seems as though we are a world in desperate need of a cuddle!

lol I Decuple agree :) I beat you all

definetly, cuddling with a pillow or anything else is nothing like cuddling with a nother person. I just wish I could find someone to simply cuddle up with on the couch with

I agree, finding the right person to cuddle with is important!! I do miss my ex...he was a great cuddler.

Ah, I know what you mean. As I've said before, I miss cuddling, too. And I agree that its good for the heart, and it is also good for the soul.

Cuddling is good for the heart. Feels so good. I miss it.

Cuddling is good for the heart. Feels so good. I miss it.

I think everyone does. Most people are just in serious denial! :)

Oh, absolutely. I "cuddle" my books all the time! (You should have seen me a week ago and I ran through Wal-Mart to get the second to last copy of Breaking Dawn before someone else did!! I clutched that thing to my chest when I got there and woudn't let go till we bought it!! Lol... (okay, so maybe that isn't the same, but I still wanted to share it..) lol.. :D

Ah, very good point, abstractthought!! I never thought of that. Very true! And thanks for bringing that to attention... :)

I disagree. It's not finding some to cuddle with, but rather finding someone that you want to cuddle with. There are plenty of people in the world who like to cuddle, but they're the ones people generally don't even want to associate with.

I also know that from being single the past 4+ years, that it's no longer about emotional attachment. Many people have detroyed their hearts and emotions and began to turn them in for physical connections of a broad variety. The few that actually tuely want a relationship worth while with someone that is willing to cuddle with one person for the rest of their lives has become a big joke. Any more prople just want temporary positions of satisfaction. I don't want just any milk, I want a cow who's mine, not everyone community drink. I don't want any woman I am with to be community property, I want someone who wants to go through life with me.... Just saying.

I bought myself a teddy bear jut so I'd have something to cuddle but it not nearly as good as a person :(

Lol!! Wonderful point, dreamgoddess!

Hey a body pillow, that sounds ideal. It wouldn't answer back or disturb you when you just wanna sleep AND cuddle!

Lol!! I have no idea if thats how you say it, Joli2, but I'll take it! :) <br />
<br />
AngelPoet, I think that could very well be the same. If you don't have a someone to cuddle with, what's wrong with finding a something? Nothing.

Totally I sleep with a Body pillow but thats Not the same :(

Aww... I'm sorry. I know how you feel. I lost my cuddlebuddy, too.... Of course, it turned out to be a good thing! I may still be alone, but its better than being with him... ugh...

I quintuple agree. Since my girl left me I've been lost and totally uncuddled.

Lol! Nice, y'all! Anyone else agree?

I quadruple agree! :DD

I triple agree.