One of My Favorite Things

Unfortunately I have yet to find a woman who enjoys this as odd as that sounds... talk about the luck hehe
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4 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I consider myself to be a strong confident American woman too and there is still nothing I love more than to melt into my husband at the end of a long day.

Feels good to just let my hair down and to feel all warm and protected by the man I love.

Sorry to hear you can't find a girl who feels the same way.

I'm an american girl and I love to cuddle, now only if my boyfriend loved it as much as i do... oh well :(

some american girls are "strong women" haha they feel that they dont need a man to do things for them or something.. my mom calls them power lesbians loll<br />
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im american. most girls i know just want to get high and screw guys. ive never slept with an american woman so i wouldnt know if they cuddle or not :-P im a straighttt gurll<br />
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however i enjoy cuddling with my bf alot :)

Tru, do american chicks not like that over there???<br />
Maybe you need to look for some 1 in another country, us kiwi chicks are cuddly!(LOL!)<br />