Older I Get


A lot of young men (I was one) are suffering from testosterone poisoning. I could only think about the end game. Fortunately as I grew older I mellowed and learned to relax and enjoy without rushing to the climax.

Mmmmmmmm… Maybe some female scientist could find a mild antidote to raging testosterone and girls could insert it into there one track mind boyfriends. It could happen…DD


Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
7 Responses Feb 12, 2009

It is ALL your fault. I am glade you finally admit it...Were did that come from? That was not me EnRegalia! Honest, I am one of those few men who are interested in your sweet mind. Trust me. If there is a cold night and you just want some one to hold and protect you, I am a man you can trust! :)...DD

flourlady111 if you ever feel less then pertty satisfied please let me know...DD

this is great thanks for sharing!

Dewduster, I am glad that offer you services to such a wonderful woman as Pixelita. Were it not for my personal grief that I am resolving, I would challenge you vigorously for the ability to provide her wonderful nurturing, physical tenderness and sexual nirvana!

nudeinva, I agree with you 100%<br />
<br />
pixelita, i just want to point out that I am now one of those older men.LOL

I guess women just have to wait for men to mature or look for older men to begin with :-)

Wouldn't be nice if we can change the testosterone rage and let it be balanced through adulthood!