Favourite thing to do
is cuddle in the cold
Next to a fire
I can't explain it
But it just feels so
Damn good 😩

What I would give to have this empty spot filled with warmth lmao :D
missunfortunatesoul missunfortunatesoul
22-25, F
5 Responses Sep 2, 2014

i think a cuddle like that can quickly escalate into something more.

Thought about it...I think it is instinctual how we can be fixated by the fire. In olden days...staying close to the fire would have protected us from harm.

And you become mesmerised by the flames .... You find yourself staring into the flames

Just love a real fire !


Why not

I would also like to cuddle by a fire :)

I just don't find it funny but, to each his own...

Never implied it was funny just that I was laughing ahah

I like to spoon in the cold.