Tuggles, Squggles . . . That Thing Where You Feel Safe? Remember? Ah, Cuddles. Yes!

 I'm lying on my bed right now typing this, listening to some music my love would like, and I'm looking beside me, where she used to huddle up sometimes, and I just want to hug the air where she was. And I think I will. I want her love back.

DeathHamsterDude DeathHamsterDude
18-21, M
5 Responses Mar 21, 2009

There is hope for you still, Mr. Deathhamsterdude. I've been reading your stories, and well, just hang in there. But get out there man! If you want something, you have to reach out & grab it.

Heh, thanks. Kudos to me I guess. ;)


It's nice to have a similiar soul in the world.<br />
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Yesterday I was sitting in the armchair at the end of my bed reading a book and listening to some Ben Folds five, and I looked up, and I actually saw like this perfect image of her lying down there with this sleepy smile on her face. It's weird when your mind projects like that. ;)<br />
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Wow, I know EXACTLY how you feel.. Like EXACTLY!