Complexy Simple

Where have the days when a simple touch from that special someone was enough to make the troubles melt to nothingness, just being with your special someone made you the happiest person alive. I miss those days, now like many other hopeless romantics like myself, we sit idly by almost as if our unique way of thinking which was once respected and revered is now obsolete. I miss having a girl I love wrapped in my arms, feeling that affection, love, warmth, and adoration flow freely between our touch. I feel now as if maybe my kind are a dying breed, perhaps I was born into the wrong era of this world, perhaps I need only wait for the other half of my missing heart and make it whole. I know when I find That Girl that I can say with pride I am hers, I merely have but to look even though I know I can only wait I refuse to sit by for it is the failed journey in looking that I build myself and because ready for that day she finds me her knight in shining armor, her love, her man.

tobealone tobealone
18-21, M
2 Responses Oct 29, 2009

i see so many stories like this one that i completely and totally agree with on ep written by guy but then never meet any guys like this .

I hear ya buddy! One day we will find that special person even if I have to die trying! lol