Missing Spoon

My ex boyfriend and I were meant to cuddle together.  We fit together perfectly.  Every night before bed he would say in this hurried frantic (jokingly of course) tone 'Hurry Spoon Spoon!".  In a hurry the building is about to fall down sort of way. And then I would back up to him and we'd fall asleep cuddling like that.  I think I miss that the very most.  We did this every single night...including the last one.  We actually had a catalog of cuddle positions that we fit together in perfectly.  We'd find new ones all the time and be so impressed with how comfortable we felt and try to remember them for later.  I can't tell you what a bond this kind of affectionate ritual created between us...which is one reason why the break up is so hard.  

I miss my spoon. 

KSSDallas KSSDallas
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2009

Oh I feel really sorry for you cuddling feels really nice i might try what you guys did with my bf

Hi, My first post!! Wow, I envy you. I also love spooning and used to do it with my ex-wife ( now I'm lonely and without a spoon). Wish we could have fallen asleep this way, but alas, either, one of us would get too hot, or else one would jerk/move in their sleep too much, and we would be forced to separate within 15 min. Such a damn pity!

I'm sorry to hear you lost your spoon.<br />
<br />
I've always loved to cuddle. The other day I actually found out that I love being cuddled. It blew my mind to have my best friend just lay his head on me and then suddenly just snuggle in. He actually melted into me as he exclaimed, "You're just so cuddly!"