The Best Part Of Love

My sweetheart and I love to cuddle. There is nothing better than being wrapped up safely in his arms and just being. Resting my head on his chest and having my arm across his body. Just listening to the sounds of our breathing together. So much at peace. Wrapped in the warm glow of our love. Laughing and talking a bit about any silly thing that pops into our heads. Waking up as the dim morning light outlines our bodies and knowing that my best friend lies beside me. Knowing that when we reach out that there will be no turning away. Always a warm embrace just waiting for us both.

Our idea of heaven on earth is spending our time close together. Making our world secure with no need for anything but the sheer happiness of cuddling. Feeling his hands tenderly caressing my hair. Total acceptance and appreciation back and forth. Ah cuddling. What a wonderful thing this is for us!

dartist dartist
56-60, F
Dec 28, 2009