A Missed Chance

 Two years ago, I met a wonderful lady through EP.  When I read the a letter of hers for the first time on EP I thought, "My God, this lady has so much in her heart and is hurting on such a deep emotional level it must be unbearable."  I can honestly say I wanted to take some of this hurt from her, to share her burden, to let her have a little relief.  I replied to her story to let her know she was not alone, that someone cared.  We talked, first on EP then on our own email accounts, for quite a while.  The more I learned about this incredible woman the more amazing she became.  She has a heart full of caring, a warm, wonderful caring that most people could only dream of.  She is sincere, honest, intelligent, adventurous, giving, and has a beautiful soul.  Sedona (her EP name) is someone I would travel for days for, just to look into her eyes and hold her close for five minutes.  She is someone I could never get close enough to; could never feel like letting go of.  All I could think of for days at a time was cuddling with her for hours, letting her know how special she is, how desirable she is.    

Work got in the way and I never went to see her.  She stopped writing.  I don’t know what happened to this dear woman.  I pray that her life is happy, loving, and warm.  I know I’ve lost a chance to cuddle what her and to let her know how much fuller she left my life in the weeks we shared of ourselves online.  Whenever I think of cuddling, I think of Sedona and the missed chance of sharing the voiceless conversation of a cuddle.

Don’t ever pass up a chance to cuddle with someone you care for.      

Geezer Geezer
56-60, M
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

OMG, I'm in the same situation. Now, I will definitely ensure that I see my dream woman at all costs very very soon. She hasn't stopped writing to me as yet.