Someone To Care, Love, And Not Let Go


I haven't decided to give up looking for a woman in the conventional way. I say that not because I'm a failure or easy to give up. It's just becoming increasingly hard to find a girl who is faithful to love and yet also open-minded about having a family or open-minded about other things in general.


My dream is to fall in love with a kind-hearted woman. I know it's not easy to fall in love over the Internet. This is why I would like to not just keep a long distance relationship for long. I love my adopted home of Portland, Oregon in the U.S. This is by far the most beautiful and open-minded place in the USA. On the other hand, the benefits of being alone are not that great.


I'm very politically engaged. I live my life outside of the box. That's why it's important to find a woman who can truly love me, care for me, and not let go.


The concept of having a family together is deeply important. This is in part because I grew up alone without a family, no kidding. I've moved around too much. For once I'd like to have a safe place to call home and somebody to love and be loved.


I'm non-religious myself. Technically atheist. I like to consider myself philosophical. I'm certainly kind and more of a humanist and deeply entrenched in sociology.


I love dogs and animals in general. In fact, part of the business I've done in the U.S has involved dogs. I'm 29 years old, brown hair and deep brown eyes, and I'm fairly athletic (not too fat). I like to write poetry.


My life is also somewhat boring. I'm looking for the one to enjoy each and every day with. Life is too short.


I'm interested in the culture and languages. I would love to assimilate into a more peaceful culture. Create the change that we seek. In fact, the most important thing about me I haven't yet mentioned, is that for the last 10 years I've spent overseas. 2 years living in Thailand. 2.5 years in China. 8 months in Indonesia. 6 months in India. Everywhere in Asia except for Korea and Japan. I've worked in Australia for four months and New Zealand for four months too. During my first trip overseas in 2001 I volunteered / traveled in the Fiji Islands for 6 months. Plus, I took my first trip to Europe (backpacking on a shoestring) last year for over three months. I'm very open to other cultures, learning the sociology of every place. This is my life. This is who I am.


While I wouldn't mind traveling with a partner. What I seek most now is a "home base", a place to call home, a family for life, stability, and more.


To be totally honest.. I'm not concerned with physical appearance.. although I know for all women and most men that physical attraction is important. What I really need in this life is to find someone who loves and cares for me very deeply. This is the treasure that is very hard to find yet almost like a fool I'm a hopeless romantic.


What I'm seeking is not endless e-mails or chats or phone calls. What I'd like to focus on is making future plans together and building a life together. I realize this is hard to do with a stranger with someone who you can't see face-to-face or touch. But the point is that if we plan well now and get to know each other now then we can make everything a reality in the near future. Certainly I'm a real person.


Hope this isn't too long and hope you can understand me. What I'm seeking in a nutshell is someone to love me for a long long time, share love together, and hopefully not let go.. oh, and of course to have a family. :)


It will be well worth it in the long-term future to give your love to me. I'm real.


Show me how you feel.


E-mail: momentaware (((at))) gmail [[[dot]]] com
momentaware momentaware
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Sorry this is so short but I just want to say thanks for all the good replies. :)

You sound like a great guy but try loving someone first instead of trying to find someone to love you it always works when you let your heart just love.

cuddling is great it is fantastic, man i miss that ****. lol