Very Soon...

i`m breaking up with my boyfriend tonight because he is the most unaffectionate person in the world. i know i would miss being physically close to someone but then i also know that cuddling will be so much better with the right person... especially when there`s no need to beg for it.

i`m looking forward to being with `my one true love`... and cuddle ;)

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

All you need to do is scan the thousands of stories in I Live in a Sexless Marriage group to know you did the right thing. Good for you. :)

rueheart, thanks for the very encouraging comment :)<br />
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actually i saw him this evening (we live in the same small town, you know). this was the first time i ever saw him again after i broke up with him. it felt strange and i was a bit angry because i thought i saw him waiting for someone... <br />
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it still hurts and i miss the good times but i`m very sure i did the right thing breaking up with him...<br />
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i hope, next time i write on this forum, i would be sharing a happier story... hopefully with a happy ever after...

Best wishes. A good man is hard to find, so they say. But worth the wait.

thanks redflame!<br />
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i broke up with him monday evening and he didn`t even care. so all the more i have to move on! and move fast!<br />
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yeah, i love pandas a lot :D<br />
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and look at those two---they`re cuddling (,"(",)