Cuddle Addict

I've been looking for someone to cuddle for a long time now, and I've finally found someone. It was so good and weird, so unexpected, but fun nonetheless. So I was sitting over at her place, just watching some tv when something really tipped me off.. I could've cried on the spot, and that was about to happen after an hour of fighting back the tears, when she noticed I was really vacant and empty, she just came to sit next to me, held me in her arms and we cuddled up against eachother for 2 hours straight.


Now I guess that was a really good night, and so far we've been cuddling some more but not really as long or like every time I go see her. Well now that I've found out how good it is to cuddle up against someone and since this current girl isn't going to work out I guess I'll be looking for another teddy bear to be with :-P I'm finding myself addicted to the warmth, softness and the flow of energy that happens when two people touch in such an awesome way :-D

progenitus progenitus
26-30, M
Mar 9, 2010