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My Wife Loves *** Facials

The first time we went out she had me come on her face, something we'd talked about on the phone before meeting.  I've been doing it ever since.  I asked her once which she preferred, to get ****** and have a man come in her ***** or to have a guy jerk off on her face.  She thought about it for a moment, then said, "I guess I prefer getting a *** facial.  It makes me feel special... sluttier... because I don't think that many women really LOVE having a guy come on her face, but you enjoy it, and I like pleasing you, and when you have me ********** while you jerk off on my face and we come together it's great!"  Obviously I'm not complaining!  Would love to see her as a bukkake girl some time.  She'd do it, too, under the right circumstances, e.g., on vacation, a little toasted, etc.  Am SO anxious to see a guy **** her and come in her ***** or on her face while I'm watching, ************, timing it so I come on her face when he comes in her *****.  She's had ********** before, but said she sucked them both off, not together.  Love her to death. She's SUCH a hot **** wife....  to her, "****" is a compliment....
Craver Craver 66-70, M 7 Responses Nov 21, 2011

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I also think **** is a compliment for those that understand it the way I do, essentially a **** is the same as male stud, Lady's man.

I love it when my husband calls me "his ****" it's very much a compliment. I love being called a *** **** and I will do almost anything to get his *** on me or in me be it beg, talk dirty, let him order me around, or simply grab his **** when he isn't expecting it to let him know I need his ***....NOW.

Have rethought my position on this and would willingly give the facial if other options with either of them may be an option for extra fun?

I would love to join you and your wife Craver we could suck **** while she watches and then *** on her face

She got sister?<br />
<br />
I feel as you do about about the **** word. I like women that knows and admits thier ***** more than those that won't. I'm a man **** anyway. I got enough non ***** in my world.

she sounds like a special lady, I 'd love to know more,

Wow you have a special woman ther craver Take care of her and OH!!! keep the facials up!!! lol