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My Wife Loves *** Facials

The first time we went out she had me come on her face, something we'd talked about on the phone before meeting.  I've been doing it ever since.  I asked her once which she preferred, to get ****** and have a man come in her ***** or to have a guy jerk off on her face.  She thought about it for a moment, then said, "I guess I prefer getting a *** facial.  It makes me feel special... sluttier... because I don't think that many women really LOVE having a guy come on her face, but you enjoy it, and I like pleasing you, and when you have me ********** while you jerk off on my face and we come together it's great!"  Obviously I'm not complaining!  Would love to see her as a bukkake girl some time.  She'd do it, too, under the right circumstances, e.g., on vacation, a little toasted, etc.  Am SO anxious to see a guy **** her and come in her ***** or on her face while I'm watching, ************, timing it so I come on her face when he comes in her *****.  She's had ********** before, but said she sucked them both off, not together.  Love her to death. She's SUCH a hot **** wife....  to her, "****" is a compliment....
Craver Craver 66-70, M 11 Responses Nov 21, 2011

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I also think **** is a compliment for those that understand it the way I do, essentially a **** is the same as male stud, Lady's man.

being a **** should be a very complimentary name! i really don't understand why some people think of it as a derogatory term! i want to have a **** as a girlfriend or a wife!

I love it when my husband calls me "his ****" it's very much a compliment. I love being called a *** **** and I will do almost anything to get his *** on me or in me be it beg, talk dirty, let him order me around, or simply grab his **** when he isn't expecting it to let him know I need his ***....NOW.

Have rethought my position on this and would willingly give the facial if other options with either of them may be an option for extra fun?

I would love to join you and your wife Craver we could suck **** while she watches and then *** on her face

She got sister?<br />
<br />
I feel as you do about about the **** word. I like women that knows and admits thier ***** more than those that won't. I'm a man **** anyway. I got enough non ***** in my world.

she sounds like a special lady, I 'd love to know more,

Wow you have a special woman ther craver Take care of her and OH!!! keep the facials up!!! lol

I love it when a plan **** together!

She is deffinately a keeper. I like nothing better than a *** facial

**** is always a complementary term to me! a woman who can be her own sexual self and enjoy it no matter a total sweet **** to me!! my next wife has got to be a ****! otherwise, she's not worthy of marrying!

I totally agree the term "****" is a compliment. Not that many women have the courage to really let themselves go and engage in slutty sex. They are the special ones....

thank you so much for your comment! i've had a rash of husbands bitching me out for the use of the term! it seems to have a run every 6 to 8 months! for a while...having a **** wife is hot, then having a **** for a wife just hurts too much! again...thank you!

Well, I guess I let a prize get out of my hands... my Ex wife was a **** for sure.... she was too much of a **** for me. I just haven't been able to be happy about sharing my wife's body with other guys ... come to think of it, both of my Ex wives were too slutty for me ... guess I've got to find someone who is just a slight bit less slutty?

Damn, I have the opposite problem. My wife is a prude. She doesn't like to even touch *** let alone let someone *** on her face or god forbid in her mouth. Oh and forget anyone else having sex with her. She won't even hardly let me see her naked for crying out loud. Been thinking seriously of letting her go and finding a "****" girlfriend. I won't be getting married again if that happens. I will want to find a woman that is a bisexual swinger that will indulge her sexual appetite and allow both of us to explore and and be explored.

As usual Ivo, I agree with you!

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