Wifes First Facial

Oh how I love to *** on my wife's body!  Not sure what I like more really - ******* in her ***** or on her body.  I think it is almost 50/50 actually.  The thing about ******* on the outside of her body is usually I take several pics of the aftermath!

The very first time I busted a nut was on her belly.  I do have a picture of this in my profile as well.  She loved to watch the *** just pulsate out of my cockhead.  She enjoyed it & I enjoyed it!

Then, I told her that I really wanted to give her a facial.  So, when my parents weren't home, we went on there bed.  There are pictures of this as well in my profile.  She started off by sucking my **** and then I just jerked it off to the end.  It went all over her face and all in her hair and it even pooled in a depression in her neck.  She wasn't a huge fan if this cause some got in her eye and she complained it stung - which was very apparent cause her eye became bloodshot!  LOL

Then, just a few months ago, we were in bed and I told her that I wanted to *** on her lips.  So, I assumed the postion - I straddled her with my nuts bouncing off her cleavage and busted a nut all over her chin and lips.  I definitely could not pass up a picture of this!!!

Another favourite part of my wife that I like to *** on is her ****.  I have plenty of pictures of me busting a nut all over her lovely *******!  I can even get off just by rubbing the underside of my **** on her nipple.  She loves this cause it stimulates her nipples while at the same time all my precum lubes it up.  The odd time, I will lick my precum off her **** and then we will have a passionate kiss.


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7 Responses Dec 2, 2009

my last lover (my ex wife) never got to get a facial... she always swallowed; she loved to swallow; that was one of her better qualities!

OH YES.... I am currently locked in this Steel Chastity Belt, and that is why I need the "votes" so I can get Carlilock to release me from the Belt... Thank you again... and, everybody have a wonderfully happy Holiday Season. Thank you.

mmmmmmmm lucky grrl 2 have u creaming her so much alla time like that! i wudnt care if u got sum in my eyez lol it just stings a lil bit n makes me more hornier when u laff at me!<br />
<br />
add me so i can jill off 2 yr pics mister? =)

id *** on her face, and in her mouth. any time

My wife will often do the same as well. Although, neither of us mind ******* when she is on her period. We just move it to the shower.

Thanks for sharing

Boy you are adventurous!! Not a lot of wives who would be such a willing partner ...hold on to her!!

My wife loves to feel the *** in her but when she had her period she would jack me off on her ****. I loved seing my *** spray on her! Thanks for sharing the story...nothing like seing a hot facial:0) dc