I Appreciate The Wait


Having a guy who has the restrain to wait until he can bring you up to peek...and then sharing that moment with you doubles the pleasure. I love knowing that when a guy breaks that coil in my pelvis that its the last straw that sends him over the edge. Knowing that your pleasure becomes his. Damn, thats a good feeling. And then to have both of your fluids seeping from within you is a very pleasurable feeling in itself.

TiEnya TiEnya
26-30, F
6 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I love a woman to *** first. I love to feel her pulsate on my hard **** before I *** in her wet *****.

A very well written piece, very erotic. When the timing's just right, it can be quite intense....<br />
<br />
I actually had this happen once in a very different way. I had her on her knees, ************ while she gave me a *******...and she gave herself an ****** just in time for me to explode. For her, it was a pretty intense experience. And slightly messy.

@Deltaboy: lol, that would be fun, but that pleasure is reserved for my Dom, lol<br />
@Mrhappypants: thanks for agreeing, very nice feeling to share together.<br />
@sdsg53: for me, I like having a few before hand too, like if he's playing with my **** with his hands or tongue and I ***, thats nice...but when we get to the *******, I like to share ******* in that respect. <br />
@hadar65: the shivers that you share are amazing indeed! When you are so sensative and the slightest movement sends electricity through you, and then you feel him twitch uncontrolably...its like a catch 22 as you both set each other off, lol<br />
@irhotman: yes, I love when I ride cowgirl and so gravity allows everything to seep down his shaft and he gets all wet...(gives me something to lick off) lol ;)

I like to explode at the same moment he explodes in me. I like to feel both spasms, heaven!

guess i am different as i like a woman to have three or five ******* before i enter her

Come to Papa......I mean, really,COME.....Heh Heh Heh....