Freedom of the Ride

   Their is something peaceful about riding on my green horse aka John Deer... sweeping around the yard, wind blowing, taking in the sun's rays, and the smell, well it is almost intoxicating to me. Today as I was racing around, I ate a fist full of fresh figs,the first of the year, and a hand full of the last of my blueberry's...  No phones, you are alone with your thoughts. It was just a beautiful morning. I've given it some thought and ...No there is not another place I would want to be right now, sitting on my back porch looking over my yard with pride, and then there is that about heaven in your own back yard.
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7 Responses Jul 6, 2007

You know ... now that I think about it ... it seems that my life was so much less 'icky' back when I got to do the yardwork ... I think I thought about things as I mowed and clipped and as a result took care of them before they got out of hand ... *sighs* I reckon I best find another way ...<br />
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You finally got to mow! HIP HIP HOORAY! You have so many green horse therapy sessions ahead of you ... something to look forward to ... *hugs*

I haven't been allowed to mow for just a few weeks,since my Lumpectomy and It drives me nuts,I think I can do some of my best soul searching on my mower...

I always loved the yardwork; the hum of the mower, the smells, and so on ... I've not been allowed to mow in nearly 4 years now since the accident but ... I spose it's for the best ... I still miss it though ...

So true!

I love to cut the grass,you are in your own little world.

sas, my husband also did our garden, I try since his death but he was the gardener, How I miss them. I'm the same way with my yard,I love cutting the grass, love the smell and with a ridding mower it's relaxing, no phones and wellllll just fun. 8-}

My wife loves doing the yard work too - i can't keep her from doing it (not that I mind) - but I still do the gardening - love my gardens....