Just A Dream

I love to dance. hip hop mostly. im not a "professional" but i love it anyway. I've loved to dance from a child and spent alot of time just mooving to music. As i got older the "play " time became study time. Then the study time became work time and i now just dance in a corner because im to afraid to look like a fool. I work at a job i hate n everyone tells me i should do what im passionate about. Then i tell them i love to dance n they look at my size (not a size 2) n figure its a lost cause. I really miss dancing and would love to start again. I was thinking about renting a space even if just two or three hours a week just to vent but everyone says its a waste of money ( which is kinda tight at the moment). Im pretty sure that here in the bahamas its very unlikely to make it a career but i want to rent the space just to have an outlet to vent. What do you guys think? ( be honest im sure i can handle it)
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2 Responses Jun 14, 2011

Thanks for the encouragement. i appreciate it. and you are absolutely right. either i sink or swim. thanks a million.

Dream bigger, everyone will tell you can't, if anyone believes that you should be happy then dream big for yourself. I think you will find happiness. Why settle for anything less than doing something you get paid to do? No matter what it may be if you can't wait to get up every morning to do the thing you love then your not living. I think you can still teach and own your own studio. You can have others teach what you don't know. Possibilities are limited to your imagination. If you charge a small fee to offset your rental of a space, what is the worst that can happen? You're good at it and have to get a bigger place or you tried your best and failed. The path of success in life is paved with failure, I know but it is a journey.