Thought I Was the Only One

I dance nude when I get out of the shower and as I get dressed.  I have an awesome body, even after 4 kids I am trim and toned.  I run an exercise class where I live to help others achieve that and part of our exercise is dance moves.  It works alot of muscles at the same time and strengthens your core muscles as well.

When I dance in my panties I can see the results of my efforts.  I have an amazing body....( :

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

what kind of panties?

Its nice you have such an amazing body, good for you! After four kids even, thats great. I am not that happy with mine nor if mine was great would I want to be so bold as to share that with anyone other than my husband. But it is good that you are so confident and sure of yourself!