Possibly The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life =p

You know what it's like..

You're home alone, or alone in your room..

In panties and a T-shirt with those amazing tunes you love..

You start having a good ol' dance

I was doing this one weekend, and i was getting really into it cause i loved the song...

I have the bedroom at the front of my house and it has a massive low-level window..

You can guess what happened next..

I was dancing to amazingly loud music..

And didn't notice the audience outside my window... O.O

There was my next-door neighbour and a bunch of his friends...

I couldn't have ducked faster! =P

They still tease me about it xD But it won't stop me doing it! =D

CatoriLuna CatoriLuna
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63 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Why be ashamed of that? You were having a good time in your own house, and they wanted to be there with you. They were watching and wanting to join.

your lucky, at least your not a guy who got caught dancing around in panties and a t-shirt >.<

Embarrassing? Definately!! But no, i don't think they got it on video... They'll die if they did... >.>

that was strange convo. back 2 ur story, that sounds majorly embarrassing, least no one got it on video. lol

with the cookie monster on it right? after all you did mention that.

lol just means things that I have to do =p plus had to jump back to your topic after all XP

Yes i do.. X]

hahaha, I wonder if she likes dark color laced underwear...hmmm questions I tell you =p

Okay! Not talking to you now =P NO NERDY TALK xD

come on, lets stop kidding around now huh.....we all know that one thing is to join the power rangers :P

Silly children.. =P

Well there is this one thing....=p wish you would hahaha

Fine.. just try it >:)

lol I think I can handle it, just makes it easier to say things and get away with it =p

He's smart enough not to, cause he knows i will actually stop talking to the lot of you =P

haha Striker you gotta put your foot down mate :P

^_^ The power of manipulation. =D

Be better off! =P jokes.<br />
<br />
And i could certainly try =D

would you really never talk to me again?

dont try that on me :P <br />
<br />
what would you do without me huh lol.

If you guys begin a nerdy convo on my story, i will never talk to any of you again... Ever... =(

or you can bring all the nerds together for a huge Nerd-off

hahaha I come back to see that a couple of nerds have taken over....lol that is awesome

I'm afraid, for you two, it ends here =)

Okay guys, no nerdy talk on my story okay? =P

why not connect them all?<br />
Sonic comes in with a Gandolf beard, takes you to your girlfriends house then forces tails to do your paper for you

i know what you mean man! i long to wake up one day and find myself with an actual Gandolf beard..

You wish =)

Notice how i corrected him though? =D<br />
<br />
And as for you evan, i am ALWAYS right. =)

A girlie convo?!?!? i might take offense if it wasn't for my good nature :P

As always =D

Between a guy and a girl =P

Oh mai gawd. That's just too cool =)

of course ;D<br />
<br />
but mine are special because they are made out of stainless steel! :P

Ooft! I see why they appeal ;P

i've got star trek ones! :P<br />
<br />
spock and captain picard boxers! the girls gooooooooooo crazy when they see them

Sadly not, they're next on my list, i have cookie monster ones! =D<br />
aaaaand animal ones! =D <br />
<br />
Cause that's how i roll.

oh yeah i remember super girl....you got any sponge bob versions ;P

Gawd, get over it guys! =P It's just like wearing a bikini! But with supergirl on them ;D

anyway its fine for someone to dance in there underware......i perform ballet every morning in mine, gets you in the mood for work i find. you should try it Sm00thie :P

that's what you get :P

well that's why she shouldn't be doing that!!! i can go to jail you know! not my fault :P

You are throwing the lovely show and you call them perverted...they were enjoying. :D

Wanna add a midget? hahahaha that only makes it better of course =p

LOL how much more perverted can this get?

You bet i can! =P

No I would wear them =p nah she can rock it.

Of course =P

hahaha I can imagine that, totally be rocking the woman supergirl panties lol

Supergirl panites? =P They're my favorite =D

Hey don't diss the ghostbusters!<br />
And it's supergirl actually =P

Now I just need to figure out what kind of panties a girl like you would dance around in lol hopefully it isn't the ghost busters or scooby doo underwear lol

Ooh yay =D

haha, well let us be honest....first I would like to get to know you =p then I would like to know the name of all the drug lords you know XD nah I couldn't do that to you, not without your consent...If it helps I would give you a cell phone so we can stay in touch =]

Why am i not surprised =P

well my true intentions shall never be spoken about for the public eye...<br />
<br />
maybe make a quality home video =p

I do hope not =P<br />
<br />
Yeah, installing that just for blackmail photos =P

haha I can see you doing that too lol<br />
<br />
next time I am installing the spy gear =p need blackmail photos

I ALWAYS wear good quality underwear =D So it wasn't all bad<br />
<br />
And because if i leave my heater on ALLLLLLL day, my room is nice and toasty when i get in =D

i gotta ask you something......why was you dancing in your panties if its freezing cold? lol

Morale of the story: always wear good quality underware.

I'm not making them pay for that =PThey wouldn't even if i asked =(

Hardly, i beat them up afterwards for being perverted =P