Hiding Behind the Curtain

If you knew me in real life, this would seem to be a ludicrous thing for me to say. I'm the type of person who tries to hide from any sort of attention. I get terrible stage-fright, and get all anxious and sweaty just thinking about being in front of a crowd.

But strangely, I've done all three of the above in front of hundreds of people, and I really liked it. I've been in plays and cultural dance performances. And get me enough to drink, and I'll definitely bust some moves on the dance floor. I'll admit, I've never sang solo in front of a crowd, but I've sung in lots of choirs, and I go all out at the karaoke bar.

Mostly it's the fear of failure, and of looking completely stupid that kept me from ever considering pursuing any of these things. And I've never been very competitive, something that you need to be in order to actually go anywhere. Then there's the whole talent question (or more specifically the lack thereof.)

Anyway, yeah, despite my crippling shyness and social awkwardness, deep down inside, I'm an attention-*****.
victorious victorious
26-30, M
May 7, 2007