This Was Longer Than I Expected

i cant help it, but i act all th time. dunno why. i sing every day, and ive progressed from annoying my family to gettin compliments from all, including dad who's a professional musician. so i like to think im pretty good, ive been at it for 2 years now. but i could always carry a tune. ha, when i was far younger and shyer in elementary shcool we would sing happy bday to kids who, duh, had their bdays....i would dumb down my voice deliberatly to sound worse so no one would take notice. of course my music teacher did and quite literally forced me into th 6th grade All County Choir. i think thats th only choir ive ever been in, b/c honestly i cant stand most chorus kids. i also play th sax. ive been in th top band since i was 11, seein as how i wasnt allowed when i was 10 and they didnt have band for me when i was 9...fairfax county supports th arts so ****** much. lol oh well. ive always been drawn to theatre, il leave it at that. no i wont. i was inspired by the phantom of the opera. it hit rather close to home for me. and bein in marchin band for 3 yrs now, dance now comes quite easily to me. ur allowed to smile! it's in tap now but ive taken jazz. i was in ballet when i was 5, for bout 15 min b/c i panicked when my mum left th room. annnnd i think that's it. whew.
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:) hey thanks

You are adorable! Yes, the arts are so enriching in so many ways. Keep singing and dancing and playing your sax! I have been a professional vocalist for many years and I have loved every minute of it. The money was good because I had a fantastic bunch of musicians to work with. Good luck to you!