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I love all forms of dance...ballroom, ballet, bellydancing, bollywood, and beyond. Usually I just do freeform...going wherever my limbs want to take me. I might pop in some BeeGees and do some SNF moves.  I might even dance in front of the mirror like a str*pper at times. I am taking Tango lessons right now...its so sexy!

Music enhances the mood, and influences the style of the dance that follows, don't you agree? So, what I would like to know is...

What are your top ten songs to dance to and why? Cmon, don't be shy. :)

imathinkin what mine are...edit to come

Fame by David Bowie ~ Sexy
To Really Love A Woman by Bryan Adams ~ Tango
An American In Paris ~ Ballet
more to come...
imathinkin imathinkin
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

Surprised after over two and a half years no one has taken up your challenge. Alas, I am not either. I will give you a reason for my cowardice.
I actually danced the Minuet on television when I was in school. Yes they had televisions, so I am not quite as old as the dance. I really liked it once I learned it, but have since forgotten it. In the mid sixties I went to at least a dance every week, and danced the night away to every song they played, and loved them all. I skate danced to many of them into the seventies. Every decade or so, I may hit a few at a wedding reception. Where have all the good times gone?
Don't give up your dream. You inspired mine.
Looking for a good radio station now.... Hope no one is watching. :)