Dancin' While Washin the Dishes

I love to dance while I was the dishes. I blast up some Northern Soul or Reggae and I groove while spilsh splashing and scrubbin' those plates. I love to dance when I'm ironing. I love to dance when I'm mopping and srubbin' the floor. Love to dance when I'm just doin' chores. Talk about a motivator...mostly its the music that's puts my feet to a dancin'.

 Thank God for the ability to express our emotions into motion....without it we'd be so deprived.

I use to take tap, jazz, and hip hop when I was a little girl. But I was real insecure cause I was overweight...and I ended up quittin'. I may have a lost all the potential in that area of my life but now its like I don't give a damn what people think of me anymore...gon' dance anyways.


Don't ever let people stop you. That's what I learned. So I'm gon' groove my way to the top.

Nothin' gon' stop me.

Catch my drift? 




ladynau ladynau
18-21, F
Dec 19, 2007