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I always had a passion for dancing and my parents realized that. They encouraged my passion and made me take lessons in classical dancing. I really appreciate that they did that. My mom would make me practice everyday and I got better at it.
In school, I was a plump kid (two grades, I was fat) and shy, too. I wasn't really encouraged at school to dance. In fact, a teacher in my eighth grade made me drop out of a dance and she had the guts to that say straight in my face- You are fat, please don't participate (though I was really graceful than others- hey, I'm confident in that department!!). I got home, cried and ate very little. My mom realized that something was seriously wrong. She told me that the teacher had gone 'crazy'. I should eat or she would complain about the teacher to the principal. lol..Thanks, mom for being on my side that day!!
Anyway, in college, I lost weight intentionally :) as well as from work pressure. That made my moves more refined, I was much faster. I started participating in shows and competitions and started receiving appreciation from people. I really enjoyed those days.
Now, I am out of college. I do not get to participate in stage shows and that really makes me sad. I do not even have people in my life who would, if not dance, atleast appreciate my dancing. I love to dance, and I can dance really well. It's one of those few things that I can do really well.
Regardless of the conditions are right now, I am not giving up. I will continue to stay positive. I know that my dancing days will be back!!! :)
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Cheeryxblossom, I like your advice. However, I do not have a car, so though there are places where they have classes/ activities, I cannot go there on the weekends. (I have a busy schedule on the weekdays). I might get a car soon, hence, I am positive. :) <br />
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I hope you find something where you get to compete again and I can totally relate to you. Do not give up. :) Take care. Good luck to you, too!!

That's the right attitude to have! Is there any place around your area (or in another town) that you would be able to participate? Or perhaps you could give lessons? I'm kind of feeling the same as you, except in my chase, it's choir. I miss choir so much, ESPECIALLY to the competitions!!! Good luck, and I hope you find a way to express your passion!! ^_^